Instant Replication - Mirroring


Instant Replication & MIRRORING

Losing data is never a good thing. Even with good backup and archive procedures data interruptions and lengthy recovery operations affect a facility’s bottom line; in many cases there is considerable downtime and intrusive work that can be difficult to coordinate around busy production schedules.

DDP’s Instant Replication & Mirroring takes Disaster Recovery and Redundancy to the next level. With the intelligence of the Ardis AVFS driver and the flexibility and performance of iSCSI, client computers can now initiate 'Instant Replication' of data. This is done without having to rely on other backend servers and scripts to duplicate data.

DDP Cluster Configurations use Data Locations to determine how disks are used within the cluster. With Instant Replication, client-initiated writes are performed twice, in parallel, and in real-time to a DDP cluster configuration using Mirror Data Locations.

As the data is replicated in real-time, a DDP cluster node set to mirror can be extracted from the Cluster and used independently in another location. Furthermore, new data can be added to that DDP node while used off-site. Once rejoined to the original cluster, the new data is instantly available to all connected clients. The DDPs will then mirror the new content across the cluster nodes in the background.

Instant Replication & Mirroring is an perfect solution for TV & Broadcast environments where 24/7/365 data availability is a must.

In addition to the microDDP Series, miniDDP Series, Standalone DDP Series, and Scalable Redundant DDP Series, DDP also offers lower cost, lower power solutions for near-line solutions.

The Mirror DDP Series use a MAID architecture (Massive Array of Idle Disks) to save energy. Intended to complement the other DDP Series, users can leverage Asset Management and Archive solutions to duplicate data.

The Mirror DDP Series is an extremely effective, but much less expensive, solution when it comes to Disaster Recovery. Mirror DDP models will spin the hard drives down to idle when not in use to save energy. Mirror DDPs are an efficient, cost-effective way to maintain backups and data integrity.