DDP - Dynamic Drive Pool is a multi-award-winning shared storage system with advanced SSD caching, load balancing, automatic data redistribution linear bandwidth scaling, and mirroring all available in a single namespace.

DDP is an IP based SAN, all-in-one box solution with a built-in metadata controller that requires only one Ethernet network. Driven by iSCSI and the Ardis AVFS file system DDP enables full project and file level based sharing using nearly 100% of the available Ethernet bandwidth.

DDP is a simple and effective storage solution dedicated to meeting the demands of film, video, graphics and audio users.


Standalone DDP Series

Standalone DDP Series


miniDDP & microDDP series


Scalable redundant DDP series

mirrorDDP series

The microDDP 10GbE is a compact shared storage solution that is quietlightweight (5kg/11lbs), and low power consumption, all without sacrificing performance. Configurable with RAID5 or RAID6 protected SSDs or HDDs, and capacities from 8TB to 60 TB, microDDP can achieve a throughput of 2200 Mbyte/s. With its streamlined dimensions (25cm/10’’, 1U, 19’’), the microDDP is a fully equipped Ethernet shared storage solution that is easily portable.

MicroDDP is the perfect solution for many environments from on-set and on-site production and post, Broadcast Trucks and OB Vans, to recording studio. Every DDP is compatible with a wide range of hardware and software applications and workflows; use it with a any editing software, render machines, indexers, MAM systems, ingest/playout solutions and more.


Ardis Technologies DDP – Dynamic Drive Pool was the proud winner of the prestigious IABM Design & Innovation Award in the Storage category, announced at IBC 2014.


The winning entries were judged and awarded by a panel of 22 independent specialists chaired by John Ive, Director of Business Development and Technology, IABM.

Ardis Technologies was given this award for its revolutionary DDP – Dynamic Drive Pool. This unique “ISCSI/AVFS” technology offers unparalleled performance, an innovative “Workflow Manager” for managing folder access rights and “Folder Volumes” - where users can have one DDP Volume (one Namespace) with any number of workspaces.