Folder Volumes

With DDP Folder Volumes, it is possible to assign volume properties to any folder or subfolder in the AVFS DDP Volume.

With Folder Volumes, there is one namespace with any number of roots, solving a common problem with media editing applications, asset management solutions, and archival systems.

For example, with Avid editing applications the Avid MediaFiles directory must reside under the root of a given volume and has unique file names generated by Avid. When multiple jobs are stored on a singularly large volume, it can be quite difficult to visualize which data in the file system is associated with a particular project in Avid. DDP Folder Volumes enhance media management in Avid Workflows by allowing administrators to create a volume specific to a job and/or media set.

When using Folder Volumes, there is no need to move data across multiple SAN volumes. In some traditional SAN environments, when users want to share resources contained in a given volume without allowing full access to all its data, they usually start by copying; this takes up time, bandwidth and space, as well as generating duplicate data. By giving volume properties to specific folders, a user can connect it as if it was an actual volume. This operation can be completed in seconds, any time you want.

Quota control

A common problem encountered by post-production facilities using shared storage, is the need to temporarily extend the volume capacity while importing new media and then shrink it back down after other temporary or unapproved files are deleted.

In some architectures, shrinking is a complex and expensive operation as the data needs to be redistributed on the volume(s) before some space can actually be released.

With DDP Folder Volumes, administrators can leverage Quota Control to set up space restrictions, limiting the available space a user can see and use for a given folder volume. If no quota limits are set, users can access the entire capacity of the parent DDP Volume and freely copy data until there is no space left for other Folder Volumes.

Quota Control does not require any data redistribution, making the process of extending or shrinking folder volumes instant and on-demand. When you need extra space on a folder volume, the quota size can be increased temporarily and then set back to its original value whenever you are ready.

Quota Control enables administrators to dynamically maintain limits on Folder Volumes in order to better manage how much capacity is consumed in the SAN for various jobs and clients; making better use of their investment.