DDP at the 2018 MTV Europe Music Awards

A DDPmini48D was used at the MTV Europe Music Awards on Sunday night in Bilbao, Spain. United Broadcast Facilities was the Outside Broadcasting partner with 14 trucks, 15 Edit Suites and 22 UHD Cameras!

“This is all working on a fairly big DDP central storage infrastructure, connected with all the EVSs and fifteen edit suites. All the data is available to everyone; every clip/segment can be played out anywhere in the infrastructure.”

- Bolke Burnaby Lautier, Technical Project Manager for United

Read the complete article on the SVG Europe website.



Heterogeneous DDP cluster
With the new V5 OS, DDPs can be clustered together so that when one system fails, all the data is still available. This technology enables clients and applications to continue their operations without interruption.
All clustered DDPs are able to act as a substitute for the one that failed, ensuring important data is still available. As data replication is carried on in the background, everything remains transparent for the client.

Load balancing across DDPs
DDP V5 OS allows multiple DDPs on the same network to stream (and I/O) data in parallel controlled by one master DDP, which holds the metadata. The master DDP tells all desktops connected to the network where to write, or read the data to and from.

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Autodesk Flame 2018 / DDP update 2 compatibility

When using a DDP volume as a Framestore (/mnt/StorageMedia) for Autodesk Flame, the DL_DISABLE_DIRECT_IO flag is required. This flag is functional in Flame 2018.1 but has been broken in Flame 2018.2. As such, DDP/Flame users should not update to Flame 2018.2.  However, Flame users can still use a DDP volume to Read and Write file sequences as soft import in 2018 update 2.

This error has been reported to and confirmed by Autodesk. The DirectIO flag will be fixed in an upcoming flame release.

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